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Hiker & Author of "Sole to Soul" - Cheryl Chanaud

A collection of easy-to-read hiking stories!

This book is a compilation of vignettes that tell the stories experienced by one hiker over the years of her life. The stories tell of the weather in the mountains, the animals encountered on the trails, and the idiosyncrasies of the humans whose paths she crossed. You'll feel as if you are there with her. You'll chuckle or laugh out loud at the foibles of us humans trying to enjoy the great outdoors. You may feel sad when you read about the occasional tragedy that can happen.

In reading this book you will experience its essence: that special sense of beauty and joy that being in the presence of nature's high wonderlands can bring forth in us.

"The mountains are calling and I must go."- John Muir

Available as an e-book at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks (for iPads, iPhones & iPad Touch). Also available in paperback at Order below.